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2020 Surf Boat Online Moment of Reflection

Each season at the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships, it has been our practice in the boat area, to pay our respects to those of the surf boat fraternity who have passed away since the previous season, called the 'Moment of Reflection'

This year, due to the cancellation of the 2020 Aussies, we are acknowledging those who have passed with a video via the ASRL website and social media channels, where we can still pause to quietly reflect on our surf boat mates.

We sincerely thank those who have assisted in providing the information and photos which has allowed us to prepare this presentation. A special mention to Mike Tamblyn ... this is his baby, and we are proud to continue the tradition in the modified format.

Time listings below for each reading

00:00 – Introduction / Project Background
02:10 – Noel Anderson
04:00 – Graham Bennett
04:55 – Daryl Calvin
06:55 – Kevin Coleman
09:50 – Michael Daly
11:05 – Robert Flynn
12:05 – Gus Gordan
14:25 – Fred Green
17:05 – William Halliday OAM
19:10 – Gordon Harmon
21:30 – Ray Harris
23:00 – Cliff Ireland
25:10 – Bill Jones
26:05 – Barry Marsh
27:30 – Rocky McCoppin
29:10 – Raymond Meredith
32:15 – Michael Peat
33:35 – Ross and Andy Powell (tribute released on the one year anniversary of their passing)
36:45 – Ged Roods
39:25 – Richard Small
41:35 – Conclusion / Moment to Reflect

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