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ASRL Newsletter #65 - August 2016

newsletter2The ASRL Committee has released Newsletter #65 which should already be in your Inbox if you have subscribed.  The Newsletter contains important information regarding the ASRL AGM results, ASRL Forum and Proposed .  All rowers are encouraged to have a good read.  Newsletter #65 is below.

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ASRL Newsletter

Newsletter #65 - July 2016

ASRL Newsletter No: 65    August 2016

This newsletter will carry information on:
  1. ASRL AGM Outcomes
  2. New Female Divisions
  3. Reserve Grade Boats

ASRL 2016 AGM: 

The ASRL AGM has been run and won. Congratulations go to Don (Bristles) Alexander for another term as Treasurer and likewise Nathan Perry re-elected to a Vice President position. Welcome also to Suzie MacKinder (VIC) & Russell Lamb (NSW) also elected as Vice Presidents.
The full ASRL Committee:
  • Bert Hunt President
  • Alexandra Hill Secretary
  • Don Alexander Treasurer
  • Don Cotterill VP
  • Grant Wilkinson VP
  • Nathan Perry VP
  • Russell Lamb VP
  • Suzie MacKinder VP
  • Tim McFarlane VP  


Some great interaction followed the AGM in an informative member Forum with some key information being made available on recent happenings within SLSA and coming out of the recent National Sports Workshop attended by our President.
  • The National Review of Sport: is now starting to shift along and a chart of key staging is being set in place to look at a roll out process over this next season and beyond
  • Culture: Key to any change will be to address the split culture that is surf sports and lifesaving and to bring us all back into the one big happy club
  • Level Zero Officials: The ASRL has been at the drum for some time to have a Level Zero Official introduced. Our argument has been that we aren’t seeing the doors being knocked down by new Officials and it is time to recognise that the system has to change to get people onto the first rung of the ladder. We are pleased to be able to announce that our voice has been listened to and the new Officials system when introduced will include that Level Zero Official. It basically means that walk ups can be inducted on the beach to assist the current Officials in running the carnival in the non-technical roles.
  • Insurance: As part of the National Review the old bogy of Insurance is being investigated to look at securing a standalone insurance policy to cover those come try days for non-members plus the future recreational member
  • Composite Crews: are always being raised with us as a barrier to allowing all members the opportunity to compete if a club can’t muster up the full crew. After seeking clarification we were advised that the ability for Composite Crews already existed but that maybe it was a bit hidden away so will be reactivated.  
The extract of the relevant Section 12 with proposed clarification is copied below


(d)  Supplementary rules may contain (in so far as may be appropriate to the event to which they relate) the following information:
     vii)  Details of any arrangements for entry of composite teams in the competition or into team events for participation purposes.
     Note: Unless otherwise specified composite teams shall not be eligible for awards, medals, trophies, prize money or placing points.
     viii)  Details of any arrangements for entry of non-members into SLSA competition for participation purposes.
     Note: Unless otherwise specified non-members shall not be eligible for awards, medals, trophies, prize money or placing points.
  • Competition Transfer: In the past we have been able to undertake 1 competition transfer per year. It has been decided to increase this to allow two transfers per year and the actual SSM wording in below.
      2.2.4  Competitive Transfers Domestic Competitive Transfers
  • A member of an Affiliated Club who desires to transfer competitive rights to another Affiliated Club during the currency of a calendar year (1 January to 31 December) may do so under the following conditions:
  • (a)      A member is permitted two competitive rights transfers per calendar year (i.e. 1 January to 31December of that year). Any further transfer application in that year will be processed but will only take effect (if approved) in the next calendar year. An exception to this will be bona fide relocation because of employment, study or family commitments. Such competitive rights transfers will be subject to consideration and approval by the relevant controlling authority of the member’s “losing” club. 

New Female Divisions: 

After the ASRL introduced the two new divisions for female competition at this year ASRL Open we progressed a request to SLSA that these two divisions be included as medal divisions from the 2017 National Championship forward. At the recent National Sports Workshop we were successful in gaining support for this proposal and now await official confirmation which we are very confident will follow.
What it means:
  • U19 female rowers will now have your own championship division to race under. This will mean that the current U19 division will be changed to U19 male and female. Age dates will be the same as other competition cut off dates
  • A new division for reserve grade female will also be introduced as a medal event. We are yet to sort out any restriction to entering the female reserve division but it is thought it will work the same as the reserve grade division for men
  • Of course at all local boat events you will need to organise how to integrate the two new divisions but many locations are already very innovative in the way they provide local racing.  

Name Change for Reserve Grade 

Some energy at different levels of surf sports exists to change the name of the current Reserve Grade division away from the Reserve tag. This is driven by the notion around does a reserve grade have a place in a State or National Championship medal event. It shouldn’t be interpreted in any way of wanting to remove the division from championship events because it is recognised as what it is in providing that home for rowers that can’t commit to the higher level of competition.
To achieve a name change we believe now is the right time as we move into the new female racing division. The committee has thrown the net wide is looking for possible new name suggestions and would now like to invite the general membership to also give this some thought.
Let’s start with the current divisions names:
  • Open Male
  • Open Female
  • Reserve Grade Male
  • Reserve Grade Female
  • U23 Male
  • U23 Female
  • U19 Male
  • U19 Female
The age divisions can’t be confused so we leave them alone. However to change the Reserve Grade we can either look at it in isolation or throw the two Open divisions into the discussion and try to settle on four new division names. We are now inviting the membership to let the Secretary know your thoughts and ideas on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   on any of the suggestions below or any other suggestions you have.
We understand that some will not want change at all and that is also respected but we equally don’t want to wake up one day and find that Reserve Grade as we know it has gone missing from the Medals at Championship events.
Let’s try to make sense of some options:
If we look at changing all four division names it could be;
  • Opens to Premiership or
  • A Grade thus identifying the top dog crews or
  • Remain as Opens  
If we then look at where the current Reserve Grade sits;
  • It could go to Opens (open to all comers) or
  • A Reserve or B Reserve  
Another suggestion has been to make it a name like “The Smith Cup” and yet another to make it over 23 but that then restricts the mixed age crew with members under the age.
Please feel free to have some fun with this and let’s see if we can achieve some member consensus for us to work with. We have been asked to report back to the next National Surf Sports meeting in November.
The Committee

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