Online Memorial Video

With the cancellation of 2020 Aussies we would like to recognise those we have lost since 2019 Aussies.

Mike Tamblyn, Griffo and Aaron Tannahill have worked together over the past couple of days, and will continue to do so, to gather information and create an online/video memorial. This will replace the Moment of Reflection, normally held at Aussies, for 2020 only.

We are now seeking information of those we have lost since the 2019 Moment of Reflection (6 April 2019) to now.


BEFORE YOU WRITE THROUGH YOUR SUBMISSION, please email with the person/s you would like to recognise, and I will then be in contact with you to discuss what information I or Mike/Griffo may already have, and then we can go from there.

In preparation for your submission, please start to gather images and details about the person/s contribution to surf boat rowing, their club/s, what they are remembered for and any other information.
Please contact Aaron Tannahill if you have someone you would like to be featured and we can then discuss what information we already have.

Submissions due by 12 April 2020. I understand that this is not the normal process for the moment of reflection. I am doing the best to recognise those we have lost in our current environment, working closely with those who have put so much work into this in past years.

Aaron Tannahill