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The ASRL Committee Noticeboard!

asrl agm info
ASRL AGM 2022 Information

Venue: Queenscliff SLSC, 9th July, 1:00pm
Nth Steyne & Collingwood street, Manly
NSW 2095

OR join us via Zoom meeting online
Meeting ID: 836 9833 3974
Passcode: 778840
OR Dial by your location
+61 3 7018 2005 Australia

The AGM will be live streamed via Facebook. This platform will have the ability to comment throughout the meeting. Please note meeting commences at 1pm NSW time, check your local time if joining in from interstate or overseas.



2022 ASRL Annual General Meeting Agenda

1:00 pm: President to open the meeting.

Attendance book and apologies

1. To submit the minutes of the 2021 Annual General Meeting for approval
2. To deal with business arising out of the 2021 minutes
3. To deal with any relevant correspondence
4. Presentation of 2022 Annual Report
5. Treasurer’s Report and presentation of the Audited Financial Statement
6. Election of Office Bearers for the 2022-23 Season.

The following committee members have one more year of their term of office remaining:
President – Nick Sampson
Secretary – Natasha Tunney
Vice President – Geoff Wilson
Vice President – Grant Wilkinson
Vice president – Phil Chipman
Only three nominations received for the four Vice-President positions, ratification required for:
Vice President – Edwina Wright
Vice President – Rory Gillespie
Vice President – Greg Heard

7. Consideration of Nomination/s for Life Membership and Hall of Fame
Non -received

8. Election of Hall of Fame committee
(4 required from existing Hall of Fame members plus President).
Call for Hall of Fame nominations from the floor.

9. Hall of Fame Report by Hall of Fame committee

10. Setting of fees for the 2022-2023 season

11. General Business of an urgent nature for which correct notice has been provided

Natasha Tunney
Hon Secretary


A forum will be held immediately after the AGM. The ASRL will provide an update on the coming season and the current initiatives being delivered.

If you would like to put forward some points to be considered for the discussion please email these suggestions to secretary@asrl.com.au

ASRL Sweeps Academy
ASRL Sweeps Academy Announcement

Ever wanted to be a sweep?
Have you wanted to improve your skills as a sweep?
The ASRL is excited to announce the formation of the ASRL Sweeps Academy to conduct nation-wide training for sweeps to prepare them for accreditation and improve skills. Headed up by Academy Manager Beck Hamilton, the Academy includes 13 of the best sweep trainers in the country.
The Academy will conduct its first course commencing in August 2022 for beginner S1 Sweeps, through to S2s/S3s wanting to improve their skills. The course will be conducted online and in a practical weekend session in each state. Please click on the link below to view further information. 

Further details: Sweep Academy Information

Sign up via the supplied online form (link below)
First round applications close on 30 June 2022.

Questions? Please email Academy Manager, Beck Hamilton: academy@asrl.com.au

AGM 2022

Australian Surf Rowers League (ASRL)

Date: 9th July 2022
Time: 1.00pm
Location: Queenscliff Surf Life Saving Club, Manly NSW & Zoom

* A Memberhip update will follow the AGM *

Call for ASRL Committee Nominations:

In accordance with the ASRL Constitution Clause 20, the ASRL Committee hereby calls for nominations for Treasurer and Three Vice-Presidents.

These positions are currently held by Rory Gillespie - Treasurer, Grant Howe, Rod Costa & Edwina Wright - Vice-Presidents 

Nominations must be made in writing, signed by 2 current ASRL Members and accompanied by the nominee’s written consent.

Nominations must be delivered to the ASRL Secretary no later than 28 days prior to the 2022 ASRL Annual General Meeting, ie,11th June 2022


History of the Modern Surfboat
History of the Modern Surfboat

The attached "History of the Modern Surfboat" has been very generously compiled by Bert Hunt, Life Member ASRL

You're now invited to read through the updated history of the modern surf boat. We hope you enjoy revisiting some of the wonderful memories of our past and present surfboat builders.

Bert adds: "This document hasn’t been researched to the point of total accuracy and isn’t meant to be the definitive compilation of the stages of surfboat manufacture. It is written with a view to inviting others to provide some of the detail to backfill some of the gaps. Apologies in advance to any boat builder missed or for any detail not correct, as this is an attempt to create a running history of our evolution and later versions will correct and record and add any missing pieces."




Surf Boat Trophies for all occasions

Want to thank a sweep, praise a sponsor, reward a crew or thank a representative from your club?

Mike Tamblyn's Surf Boat Trophies make surf boat trophies to cater to the many aspects of our great sport of surf rowing ranging from :
• A replica trophy to give to a sponsor on boat launching day
• A memento to the person honoured with their name on the new boat
• Appreciation from a crew to their sweep or coach or special individual
• Club presentation night for outstanding crews and perpetual trophies

All our trophies are made from selected Australian timber and materials. Each trophy is individually made to your requirements

Visit www.surfboattrophies.com.au for more information or contact Mike Tamblyn phone 0414 659 701 or email: mike@tamblyn.com.au

2020 ASRL Open - Day 3

ASRL Open 2020 - Day 3 - Live from Mollymook NSW

2020 ASRL Open Day 3 Live Stream

2020 ASRL Open - Day 3 Live Stream

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